The story of Janneke's success and how Personal Training changed her life

24 July 2020
Janneke always thought she was too overweight. The scale stayed neatly in low three digits, and no matter that she went to a gym at least twice a week, she couldn't achieve healthy weight and keep it. Two months after the birth of her second son, she decided to start doing exercises again. Read her story here. Find out how she changed her entire life style.
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"In January 2019, a bit reluctant, I stopped by a Basic-Fit gym. As I walked in I saw a banner announcing Personal Training. You could sign-up for a free HEALTH and LIFESTYLE test. I thought that was something I could do, and in mid February I had an appointment with a personal trainer Dave. He listened to my story, conducted initial measuring, and we decided together on a sensible goal to achieve during training. Very soon, it became clear that I could achieve some real changes, as long as I kept doing it the right way.
Something clicked in me
Dave enthused my interest, and the time was ripe that I started working on myself, too.  I had no excuse anymore to go on with my old life style, something had to change. Dave advised to commit to a project for at least 6 full months. He made up a personal exercise schedule for me, adapted to my level. That meant that I would have to go to gym for power training three times a week. At the start of my personal training, I weighed 238 lb, and slowly, very gradually that number crept lower and lower on the scale. I went to the gym three times a week, sometimes at the craziest times. With a three months old baby, a three years old toddler, and a husband in the hospitality industry, sometimes it was hectic, but I made my way to the gym and never missed a training.

Also, I was provided with a dietary schedule that I had to follow. Once a month, I had a chance to complain and express all my sentiments at a personal consultation meeting. Dave always listened to me and my concerns. When it was extra frustrating, he provided the pep talk, motivating me to go on further with training. During personal consultations, I could assess my results on paper, and believe me, there were results!
I literally started to like training, and I felt my body becoming stronger. We talked about my results every month, and I could message Dave (and later also Alyssa) any time if I had any doubts about my daily food regimen or exercise routine. I lost 45 lbs in 6 months, and I decided to follow training with Dave and Alissa for another 3 months. The project made me feel good about myself, and I had no problems following the dietary advice. With my husband being a professional cook, we ate a variety of delicious foods and I kept losing weight. Of course, I had my own cheat moments, but I could always pick myself up and still, overall I kept losing weight and becoming stronger physically.
Further on my own
In the meantime, I've stopped with personal training, and since then I've lost 66 pounds on my own (that is the combined weight of both of my kids). I've adapted well to my new life style. I still go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, and I take care to eat well.  I do not wish to return to how I was before, and I am super happy that a year and a half ago I entered the Personal Training program.  Shopping has never been that much fun, and my wardrobe is starting to look full. 
My husband Twan saw how the personal training program affected me so deeply in such a positive way that last January he also enrolled in the training program. He already lost 10 lbs and is well set on a good track.
Home exercise with Basic-Fit and Personal Training
Happily, the coronavirus period did not cause us too much inconvenience. We started exercising intensely in our garden, and we managed to keep doing it three times a week.  Sometimes we rigorously followed online lessons made available on social media by Basic-Fit or by our personal trainers. We are now extremely happy that we can go back to the gym.
To anyone who still has any doubts and is still making up excuses and justifications, just get into action and go for it! We thought we couldn't keep up.... and look where we are now!"
Dave, Alissa and Jonathan, one more time, great thanks for all your support (also during the coronavirus period)!
Sporty greetings!
Janneke and Twan Goosens