Ladies Only

Ladies clubs offer women comfortable and affordable accommodation for working out. Ladies, you are more than welcome, and all your exercise needs to reach your fitness goals will be met by this Basic-Fit gym. Your confidence will be boosted, and you will feel comfortable as you will be working out solely with other women.


We are always working on improving our offering, geared towards your wishes. That is why we are introducing the new Basic-Fit Ladies.

The gym that feels like home
Our new Ladies gym not only looks fantastic, but it also feels very good. We have paid extra attention to elements like the changing rooms — safe and clean — as well as the social environment so you feel at home with us. A home away from home. Basic-Fit Ladies clubs are designed by and for women. Natural materials, wood, plants and pastel shades accentuate the woman factor. These clubs are a wonderful place to hang out with friends or by yourself, before or after your workout. We look forward to welcoming you.

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In the new Ladies clubs, you will find circuit training stations. Six training stations for the most important muscle groups. Convenience is key. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will work out properly, safely, rapidly and extremely effectively. What else would you like?

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Guided training for Ladies

In those new ladies club, you will find circuit training available: a combination of 6 machines, training the essential muscles. It's easy. Just start and follow the guidance on the screen. This will make sure you train in the most effective way in the shortest time: easy, fast and effective, what else?

More staff for a safety touch and motivation boost

Ladies club will have a host, like all Basic-Fit clubs, but also an extra employee called fitness adviser. Her goal is to motivate, guide and ensure a safe environment during the circuit training and GXR virtual group classes.

In order to enter the new Basic-Fit Ladies clubs you will need to have the Live GX option activated in your membership. You can visit MyBasic-Fit to add this option to your current subscription.

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