Online Coach

Are you still missing that extra support? With the Online Coach in your pocket, you are always assured of good guidance!

Your own online coach

With the Online Coach you get help from a certified personal trainer via the app. This makes it even easier for you to work on your goals! You will receive a tailor-made training schedule of 12 weeks. Besides a training schedule you will also receive nutrition and lifestyle tips and you will be able to check your results with your trainer weekly. You can ask your personal trainer all your questions via the chat button.

The Benefits

1. You receive a tailor-made weekly plan with advice on training, lifestyle and nutrition.

2. Weekly measurement of your progress and results together with your personal trainer.

3. Possibility to ask your personal trainer for advice via chat.

4. You can use the Online Coach where and when you want. At the club, or just at home.

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There are two ways:

1. If you are not yet a member of Basic-Fit, you can select 'Extra' during your registration.
2. As a current member you can add this 'Extra' via the orange kiosk in the club or via My Basic-Fit.

Simple huh? Let's get started!

How does the Online Coach work?

1. Through the app, answer a few questions about your current experience and goals. After you have answered the questions, you can select a personal trainer that suits you best.

2.The personal trainer will immediately start working for you and within 24 hours he will have made a tailor-made weekly schedule. You get a notification of this in the app.

3. You will receive a new weekly schedule and advice on nutrition and lifestyle. All tailored to your personal fitness goals!

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Have you downloaded our new Basic-Fit app yet? In it you'll find workout inspiration, the tastiest recipes and tips & tricks from our coaches. Do you want to make it even more personal and goal-oriented? Add the Personal Online Coach and give your fitness adventure the ultimate boost!


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