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Get fit, feel fit and stay fit with the Basic-Fit app! Creating and maintaining healthy habits is quite a challenge. But the Basic-Fit app makes this much more fun and easier. Because thanks to your mobile sports buddy you can work on your fitness goals anytime and anywhere!

The new Basic-Fit App

The Basic-Fit app is full of great features. And the great thing is that it's free for you as a member. In the Basic-Fit app you will find workout inspiration, the tastiest recipes and tips & tricks from our coaches. Book your favourite fitness moment, join online group lessons or get motivated by our audio workouts. Check your progress, share it with your family and friends and motivate each other! You can download the app for Android & Apple.

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Already excited by the many possibilities the Basic-Fit app offers you? These features make it even easier and more fun to work on your fitness goals...

  • Explore - Here you find all the club & home workouts, including the online group classes. Get inspired with tasty recipes to boost your fitness habits.
  • Progress - Find all your health data and results at a glance. So you'll never have to guess your physical condition again, as your mobile gym buddy keeps an eye on it for you.
  • Clubs - Find a club near you, check the group exercise timetable and book your gym time.
  • Profile - Check everything about your membership and change your personal fitness preferences.

Why the Basic-Fit App?

The Basic-Fit app is your mobile sports buddy that helps you to make your fitness adventure even more fun and easy:

  • Infinite workouts for your level and purpose
  • Inspiration just for you (recipes, blogs, tips & tricks)
  • Book your workout Check your progress
  • Everything in one place

Discover it yourself and download the Basic-Fit app!

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