14 May 2021
Did you ever experienced a "oh-shit-my-favorite-timeslot-isn't-available-anymore" moment in 2020? No worries, we feel your pain. That's why we've came up with 4 useful tips to help you book your favorite fitness moment.

The advantage of booking

The extra measures are of course very important (yes, booking via Gymtime is still a must). To put a positive spin on things: during your workouts you share the club with (maximum!) 30 other members. This means you get loads of equipment and weights to yourself. Something good at least, right?

Check out the tips & tricks below on how to become a pro at booking your favorite fitness moment!


Tip 1: planning ahead is so 2021

Since the five-feet distance rule, life is just a little less spontaneous. But, on the bright side, you can build a routine for yourself by planning ahead. And anyway, it's super healthy! So: which days and what times do you like to exercise? Make these times your regular "fitness times". This means you can plan your visit to the club in advance, and also book in advance. In other words: this means you avoid last-minute booking stress and there is every chance that your favorite time slot is (normally) still available.

Good to know: using our Gymtime booking system you can reserve one workout in advance (reminder: you can find it in the Basic-Fit app and My Basic-Fit).


Tip 2: ring the alarm

Once your booking is over, you can immediately book a new time slot. Handy, no? Remind yourself of this by setting an alarm (on your phone or watch) for when your booking is over. So you won't forget to book your next fitness moment, never ever again! Because, even now, the earlier you book, the greater the chances your favorite time slot will still be available.


Tip 3: avoid peak times

Could you plan your sports sessions in 2021 a little more creatively (i.e., since working and studying from home is the new normal)? Could you book fitness moments for between meetings or study periods? Or could your lunch break be the right time of day to work up a good sweat at the club? Go for it! Fun fact: on Gymtime, you can see an overview of the most popular days and times for exercise. It certainly works in your favor if you can adjust your sports schedule accordingly and plan around the popular times!


Tip 4: check out another club

The advantage of exercising with Basic-Fit? You have access to over 900 clubs across Europe! In short: is the time slot at your "regular" club already fully booked? Then you can of course check whether the slot is available at one of the other clubs (depending on where you live). Check all our locations here.


Book your favorite fitness moment via Gymtime using the Basic-Fit app (or via My Basic-Fit).