The best exercises for legs

15 August 2018
Do you like it, too, a pair of slim, tight, beautiful legs? That's an ideal for a lot of women. Men also like to show off their hard muscular legs and a well-trained body. Whether you dream of tight legs or firm leg muscles, you can't do without specific exercises for the legs. Whether you often walk, cycle or play tennis, your training schedule needs to be supplemented with explicit training for the leg muscles.
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Beautiful sleek legs – many women's dream. Men often go for strong leg muscles that look great with a muscled torso. For both of these goals, it's important to include leg workouts in your training schedule. As just running, cycling or playing football on its own will not achieve the desired results!

Why is it so important to work out your legs?
Legs are the largest group of muscles in your body and they are the muscles that you use most. So, strong leg muscles have advantages in everyday life! Working out your legs will also help if you want to lose weight. Muscles consume calories, even at rest. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. And given that the legs are such a big group of muscles... if you include exercises for your legs in your workout, your whole body will benefit! 

No need to worry your legs will turn into tree trunks
As a woman, you may be thinking that working out your leg muscles will give you legs like tree trunks overnight? There's no need to worry! Your thighs will become tighter and slimmer, unless you train very hard for an extended period. 

The most important exercises to train the leg muscles
So, ready to work out your legs? Great! Squats and dead lifts are two highly effective exercises for developing leg muscles. Squats are an exercise in which you sink and squat through both your knees and then come up again. This allows you to work on your legs as well as your abdominal muscles. The dead lift involves lifting a barbell. In this case, you are exercising your leg muscles from the hips.

Sportspeople looking to work on their legs often do lunges. When you do a lunge, you take a big step forwards and lower your back knee to the ground. In this exercise, you work on your thighs and buttocks. 

Want to be able to compare the results of your efforts? Take a photograph of your legs before you start training and then take another one a few months later. You'll see that your legs have taken on a new shape. Is that enough motivation to go on?!

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