Salle de sport Ivry-Sur-Seine Place Voltaire

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Vous êtes à la recherche d'une salle de sport sympa près de chez vous ? Quel que soit votre âge ou votre niveau de pratique, vous êtes le bienvenu dans notre centre de fitness situé Place Voltaire 12. Soyez le bienvenu chez Basic-Fit Ivry-Sur-Seine Place Voltaire ! Notre club est équipé d'une large gamme d'appareils de fitness et propose de nombreux cours collectifs. Quels que soient votre âge, votre niveau de pratique et votre objectif forme, nous disposons de la solution d'entraînement qui répond à vos besoins spécifiques. Rendez-nous visite ou inscrivez-vous en ligne dès maintenant.
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Basic-Fit is giving you the possibility to get fit the way you want, by offering three different memberships. Chose the one fitting your needs and go for it!

Get now: Basic-Fit Sac extra!



  • Workout in 1 club

  • Group classes at the club / home

  • Basic-Fit App with 1000+ workouts

€9,99 / Per 4 weeks

For the first period of 4-weeks, then €19,99 / 4 weeks

€29,99 subscription fee

Get now: Basic-Fit Sac extra!



Everything Basic offers, plus:

  • Workout in 800+ clubs in France!

€9,99 / Per 4 weeks

For the first period of 4-weeks, then €24,99 / 4 weeks

€19,99 subscription fee

Get now: Basic-Fit Sac extra!



Everything Comfort offers, plus:

  • Access to all clubs in Europe!

  • Bring someone with you and train together

  • 30% discount on Yanga Sportswater

€9,99 / Per 4 weeks

For the first period of 4-weeks, then €29,99 / 4 weeks

€9,99 subscription fee

Home Club Services

Home Club

  • Free Showers
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Free Parking
  • 7 Training Zones


We want your workout to be tailored to your fit! Select the add-ons to make your club sessions even better.

Yanga Sportswater
5 , 00 / Per 4 weeks
No sugar, barely any calories (only 5 per bottle!), 6 fruit flavours and lots of crucial vitamins, That’s Yanga Sportswater. Fill your bottle as much as you like to maintain your body’s hydration level and help it get rid of toxins. Makes for much better training.
Online Coach
49 , 00 / One-time fee
You don’t have to go it alone! Together with your own certified coach, you’ll set up a 12-week training programme in our app. Your coach will also give you tips on nutrition, lifestyle and developing healthy habits. And you can always ask them questions via chat. With your coach, your fitness goals are within reach.
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