Info Point

There is an Info Point on hand at every Basic-Fit club. A great idea of course, as long as you know what it is and what it does! On one side you can choose training programs and exercises, and on the other there is a weighing scale you can use to measure your progress, including your fat percentage and muscle mass.


On the side with the large touchscreen, you will find training plans and exercises for all training goals and levels. Start by touching the screen and choosing the option you want. Looking for an easy training plan you can start with? Or looking for specific exercises to strengthen your biceps? It's all there in the Info Point!

There are QR codes for all exercises and training programs. Scan these with the QR code scanner in the Basic-Fit app. You can then schedule the content in your calendar or save them to do your new exercises later!


To help you keep track of the progress you've made using the Info Point, there is a digital scale on the other side. You can use the weighing scale to do a body analysis, including measuring your weight, your fat percentage and muscle mass. Using the scale to do a body analysis is completely free for Basic-Fit members. All you need is your member card.

The results of the analysis will be saved directly in the Basic-Fit app, so you can keep track of your progress and compare your results!

Good to know: the measurement is personal to you and the information can only be saved for one person per pass.