Is it ok to exercise when sick?

04 December 2019
Should you exercise if you’re sick? It depends on your symptoms, and how ill you actually are. Read about it here.
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Should you exercise when you’re sick? 
From time to time we all feel under the weather, and that’s never fun. It always ruins our plans. You’d planned on going to the gym, but you’re not sure if you should exercise when you’re sick. Let’s see. 

Working out with a cold
Generally speaking, if you’ve only got mild cold symptoms above the neck, then some light exercise when you’re sick won’t do you any harm. We’re talking about the common cold here, and as you know, symptoms may include a runny nose, congestion, ear pain, or even a slight cough—all of which don’t force you to stay in bed. Even so, it’s generally recommended to reduce the intensity of your workout, as well as the length.

Working out with the flu
If you’re feeling symptoms below the neck, such as severe fatigue, muscle aches, chest congestion, a hacking cough, and / or diarrhea, then sorry to say it, but you’ve got the flu. That’s a much different story, and sadly that means you it’s best to skip working out until you recover. 

Exercising when sick with the flu isn’t a good idea because it can make your condition worse. Your body is already using up a lot of energy to fight the influenza virus doing you damage. That’s why you feel weak and tired, and that’s why you need rest. It’s the consequence of your body trying to heal you. Let it do its job, otherwise you’re working out at the expense of your own health. That defeats the purpose of exercising in the first place, which is to stay fit and healthy!

What’s more, you’re also exposing other people to this very contagious virus. Even though it can be hard, avoid getting others sick when you have the chance. 

When can you go back to exercising?
They say it takes twice the amount of time that you were sick with the flu, to fully recover, but your body knows best. Once you’ve got your energy back, and the symptoms below your neck are gone, you can go back to working out. Just remember to take it easy at first. A lighter and even shorter fitness session is always best after a short break.  Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking enough water, such as YANGA Sports Water. You’ll be fast on your way to working out like a champ!