Personal Training and 3 stories of success

11 January 2021
Starting in the gym with a personal trainer makes you being definitely a step closer to success. Having the help of a qualified professional, who can give you tips, guides and motivation, is the push that we often need to start a new year full of purposes and obligations. Work, family, studies... The day-to-day life may seem to be against us when we talk about being active and going to the gym, but we have 3 examples and good stories that will tell you how you can change it. Let's hope they’ll inspire you.
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My name is Jose Luis Patier. I am a doctor, 61 years old and I work in a hospital in Madrid. I would like to make you participate in my history: my experience in the world of fitness and my fight against Covid-19. I had been training with my personal trainer, Javier Morillo (great coach and, now, friend), with the aim of achieving a healthier body in every way. In a few weeks - months I achieved a significant improvement in my fitness and muscle recovery. But I fell ill as a result of Covid-19. Severe bilateral pneumonia quickly brought me to intensive care services (UCI). My health was critic. A respirator fully and automatically maintained my breathing movements until the treatment took effect and I was able to begin to wake up. Then the miracle appeared. Because "to breathe again you just need to have your tube removed, although this can't be done right away." The development of the various muscles of my chest and the general physical and nutritional form managed to save my life and helped me to fight with the Covid. After 8 long days I managed to get rid of that machine that for a while kept me alive. Therefore, Javier's work was visible, as one more ally and I have subsequently thanked him from the heart. He helped save my life unequivocally. the gym as a means of cult of the body, but the truth is that it is much more. He gave me the tools to finally breathe alone, and from here I encourage you all to reflect on the care of our bodies in the hands of professionals. My body, healthier than ever, subjected me to life. Thank you, Javier!

José Luis Patier – Doctor


Going to the gym had been always like a waste of time for me. On one hand, I didn't like bodybuilding machines or practiced indoor sport very much. And, on the other hand, I lost my motivation because I hadn’t seen any evolution before. But starting to train with Javi changed my perception completely. We started with functional exercises focused on my weaker muscles and it helped me to change the boring idea of going to the gym. So, I started enjoying that "new sport," different from what I'd always done. Also, since the first trimester I started to see results and now I'm motivated and I've changed my habits. Going to training I no longer see it as a burden, but as a necessity that I enjoy.

Miguel Martínez - IT Business Partner


I started with Javier when I realized I needed a professional to help me accomplish my goals. He's the best. Every week in every workout takes me by the hand and prompts me to be better improving my fitness condition. Without doubts, it has been the best decision I took and  that reinforces my theory that all of us need a professional coach who will support us in our daily routines and give us the encouragement and discipline we need to be consistent and get the results we want. A personal trainer is the one who could help you to integrate exercise into your lifestyle.

Jennypher Nava – Finacial Audit Supervisor

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