Gimnasio Arganda CC La Poveda

Go for it at the club!

¿Estás buscando un gimnasio bueno y económico en Arganda del Rey? Te invitamos a conocer nuestro centro de deportes y fitness Basic-Fit situado en Avenida de Madrid 100. Tenemos un entrenamiento perfecto para cada persona, ya sea un principiante o un deportista avanzado, y para cualquier edad. Determina tu propio ritmo y tu entrenamiento favorito con nuestros equipos de última generación y clases colectivas Es el momento de comenzar una vida más fit apúntate directamente a través de internet.
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Basic-Fit is giving you the possibility to get fit the way you want, by offering three different memberships. Chose the one fitting your needs and go for it!

Receive now 2 weeks extra



  • Workout in 1 club of your choice

14 , 99 / Per 4 weeks

Receive now 2 weeks extra



  • Workout in 1000+ clubs!

  • Train in the club and online at home with GXR Group Classes

  • Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app

19 , 99 / Per 4 weeks

Receive now 2 weeks extra



  • Workout in 1100+ clubs!

  • Train in the club and online at home with GXR Group Classes

  • Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app with use of the Virtual Assistant

  • 50% discount on Yanga Sportswater

  • €20 NXT Level voucher

  • Share your pass with a flatmate

  • Bring someone with you and train together

29 , 99 / Per 4 weeks

Home Club

  • Lockers
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Free Showers
  • 7 Training Zones


We want your workout to be tailored to your fit! Select the add-ons to make your club sessions even better.

Yanga Sportswater
5 , 00 / Per 4 weeks
La bebida YANGA está en todos los gimnasios Basic-Fit, disponible en 7 sabores diferentes (incluida el agua). Durante tu sesión de entrenamiento puedes rellenar tu bidón con los sabores de Coco-Piña, Fruta de la pasión, Mora, Naranja, Limón, y Mango-Mandarina.
Personal Online Coach
60 , 00 / One-time fee
Your coach will give you nutrition and lifestyle tips and will check weekly your results and progress. So, get the most out of your fitness journey with your own Personal Online Coach (for only €5 per week!).
Clases Colectivas
5 , 00 / Per 4 weeks
Las últimas lecciones grupales donde te animan, motivan y acompañan instructores certificados. Si tomas clases grupales en vivo con tu suscripción, ¡obtienes el Pro Coach gratis!
Personal Training Intro
25 , 00 / One-time fee
To make your start even easier, you can choose to start with a one-time lesson from a Personal Trainer. In the Personal Training Intro of 60 minutes you will be helped by a certified Personal Trainer. This intro helps you start achieving your goals and with this knowledge you increase your training pleasure, you achieve results faster and you reduce the risk of getting injured.
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