GXR Presenter


Latin Dance

Pushing myself to my limits was a challenge that I set myself a long time ago. Will you join me?

I have to admit it, I've always loved football. It was always a sport that I was really passionate about. I have many happy memories of running about and playing with a ball in my childhood. When I was older, I got into watersports, like surfing. Now, aside from giving classes, I always try to find time to get out and go for a run or do a workout in the gym. Because since everyday life is a constant challenge, both professionally and personally, I like to turn it into a game with myself, making sure that I have fun in everything that I do. I love GXR. The method, style and group of people I get to work with are amazing. Plus, the choreography, lights and setting make the classes unique and like nothing you've ever done before. I always try to add a fun touch to my classes to make them even more enjoyable. I'm a very expressive person, so I like to add my own individual stamp to the way that I lead the class. Come and give it a go... You're guaranteed to have fun, there's no doubt about that!

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