GXR Presenter


Abs & Core + Barbell

Walk strong and sure. That's my motto. Let's make it yours too

Sport has always been really important to me. I love any type of activity, especially if it pushes me to my limits! Ultimately, new challenges and new experiences are what I look for in my life. I'm always ready to push myself beyond my limits.
That's why I'm a GXR presenter: I love to challenge my students and I love knowing that I can really change their lives through what I do. I love seeing them become more passionate, more committed and more satisfied. If you haven't already, I encourage you to come and try my GXR classes so you can see for yourself. The classes are perfect for everyone of course, but especially for anyone who loves a challenge and to have fun. The music and the type of exercises involved make it a really unique experience. Let's do it together.

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